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AM Films Goes Olympic: Produces Motion Graphics for United States Olympic Committee Hall Of Fame

AM Films produced the motion graphics package that was used in both the live United States Olympic Committee Hall Of Fame event at Chicago’s Harris Theater on June 19th, 2008, and the corresponding TV show that aired on August 3rd on NBC.

AM Films engaged the artists of Protokulture after conducting a creative search on behalf of it’s client. President of AM Films, Adam Marton says that “When we initially learned about the project we were struck by the opportunity to be involved with the 2008 Summer Olympic whoopla, the US Olympic Committee and Intersport. Executive Producer, Lisa Long and I conducted a creative search to isolate a group of motion graphics artists that could conceive of visuals that would convey a strong sense of patriotism, historical grandeur and a regal feeling, while still being contemporary.” Marton said, “We were able to present our client with more than 12 different creative execution alternatives which I think helped them in a huge way. By offering up so many different ideas, we enabled them thoroughly consider alternatives and styles as well as just enjoy the creative process. It’s a pretty powerful equation for a client.”

Marton goes on to say “ We ended up working with John Michaels and the artists at Protokulture. Simply stated, their approach was stunning and the client loved it.” John Michaels says, “The essence of the project was to utilize archival footage of hugely significant athletic moments from US Olympic history—you know Bonnie Blair, Carl Lewis, Dorthy Hamill—and take those moments, alter them in a way that would both put them on a pedestal and kind of set them up as the future of the Olympic aspiration for viewers. The treatment we came up with enabled us to go a long way in celebrating the magic moments of the athletes while incorporating some new visual tricks that capture the essence of the Olympic look and feel in 2008. The project was a ton of fun to work on.”

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