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AM Broadcast and Big Ten Network Do It Again


In project number 4 for the Big Ten Network, AM Broadcast produced a main title design and show graphics package for the Big Ten Network’s newest national TV show, Big Ten’s Best. As part of its creative development process, AM Broadcast brought almost a dozen creative execution methodologies from various artists for the network executives to choose from. The Big Ten Network creative-team selected a combo 3D Multifaceted Crystal glass and monotone 2D Title treatment for the engagement. Adam Marton, Executive Producer of AM Broadcast, said “This stylistic alternative was a favorite from the beginning. It offered not only a contemporary approach with visual trickery, lazars, and sports iconography but was also within the style of the clients creative guidelines. Visually it pushes the barriers beyond what is typical seen on cable television today.”

Marton, continues “When you really pick apart the work, you find a piece that stylistically combines the popular 2D theme of the day with stunning 3D elements and animating images all wrapped in a elegant, highly charged sports environment. This treatment offered a uniquely new approach at an old issue in the creation of promotional TV graphics. The package includes dimensional animating glass panes, multiple 2D, 3D, and keyable elements in the foreground, mid-ground and background. There is a ton to look at. The Big Ten Network show packages need to contain several visual systems upon which to place footage in each weekly show. By offering stylized, integrated keyable elements, our clients are easily able to composite specific highlights footage, school logos, and magic moments from The Big Ten’s Best games and events as they see fit.”

AM Broadcast is the broadcast motion graphics division of AM FilmsAM Broadcast offers the talents of designers, animators, and artists to TV networks, TV stations and television show producers for the production of contemporary design packages for broadcast applications.

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