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High Quality TV Production is what we've been doing since our professors taught us the craft years ago. We use technology to create stories that engage people and achieve goals. We are experts at Broadcast Production and Creating Films. Our efforts move the needle of understanding and commerce.

 We do what's best for clients EVERY TIME.     

 Our crystal ball says now even more than ever before cybercasting, video and motion graphics are critically important tools in the next-generation of the global business enterprise.  


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Film Production


Filming in 38 countries around the world has given us a pretty good understanding of how to be successful no matter the challenge. Success is creating interesting stories that capture the imagination, illicit critical thinking and motivate people to actually do something. Technology is always evolving, we will forever use the best tools and people for each job no matter if we are in India or Indiana 


Motion Graphics

Film Production

Webcasting, Live Broadcasting,

We've been producing live cybercasts since before Yahoo! bought We know exactly what's at stake when the CEO steps up on stage. Whether your audience is 500 or 50-thousand when the critical message must get out our team provides custom global cybercast solutions that ensure success from the Corporate Campus to the home office, the World-Wide Web Over.  

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Chicago & Southwest Michigan

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Design in Motion enables visual storytelling and makes almost anything on-screen possible. It's artistry that sheds the boundaries of studios, actors, sets, props, locations, wardrobe and travel. Our designers demystify complex ideas, visually define brands and establish the looks for broadcast TV Shows.  The creative process starts with a conversation.       

Chicago & Southwest Michigan

Chicago & Southwest Michigan

Chicago & Southwest Michigan


With Deep Roots in Chicago and an office in Southwest Michigan our easy reach extends from Madison, Wisconsin to Detroit.    

Chicago Cybercast Centers

Chicago & Southwest Michigan

Chicago Cybercast Centers


TV Studios all over the Chicago area readymade to offer secure, safe locations from which to cybercast messages around the world.  We are ready for you at a moments notice.  312-440-1200

Adam Marton

Chicago & Southwest Michigan

Chicago Cybercast Centers


A classically trained Televison Director, Adam is a veteran of the Chicago production industry—He served as Executive Producer of two Michigan Avenue Studio Production Facilities and has been around the world directing films for TV Networks, Global Corporations and Advertising  Agencies.  


When The C-Suite's Message Must Get Out

Our extremely narrow niche is the production (lights-camera-action) of CEO Town Hall Meetings. The singular focus is on enabling the C-Suite's message to absolutely, positively get out.  We help executive leadership teams concentrate on what’s critically important; delivering dynamic, informative and inspirational presentations to their huge global employee audiences. 

Try and stump us, I bet you can't... Invite executives to join via Teams, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype, add videos, PowerPoint, phone calls and animations. We bundle it all up into a ready for prime-time broadcast and send it out live to thousands of people on platforms like Vimeo, Facebook and BlueJeans. Want to use Media Platform or LinkedIn Live?  No problem, you tell us and we will make it happen.  Our promise is to do everything we can to provide flawless live production. Our commitment is to make things very easy on everyone. We have zero tolerance for production drama and technical glitches of any kind.  You know… the kinds of issues that lead to executives looking anything other than their very best on stage. We bring decades of Live Television Production Experience (ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, etc.) to the table and combine that with the finest technology the industry offers. Ours is a live production offering as bullet proof as anything you’d expect when you sit down to watch the big game or network news.  We have worked with C-Suite Teams from Underwriters Laboratories, USG, Grant Thornton, Sears, Baxter, Shure Incorporated and many more.  Our skills are unique, refined and highly respected by the folks that continue to call on us year after year. Our sensibilities are attuned to the high stakes involved when a global CEO steps up on stage. 

What Our Clients Have To Say

"Adam,  Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for all your help and support for the CEO Briefing. You were very thorough, professional, and supportive and a pleasure to work with.

You make our jobs much easier. Thank you,"

Ryan Robinson, Chief Financial Officer 

Underwriters Laboratories 

"Adam, A quick note of Thanks for another successful event.  It is always such a pleasure to work with you and team. Looking forward to the next one.."

Cindy McConnell, Shure Incorporated

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

John Deere Foundation

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